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Become a Foster family

Being a Foster parent to a dog in need is the single most important part of rescue. Opening your home to a dog in need, saves that dogs life.

Often times dogs come to our rescue either from a shelter or a traumatic experience in their previous home. Being in a foster home gives them the chance to be loved on, nurtured, socialized, and prepares them for their future adoptive family.

We will work with you to find the best match possible for your home. We have many dogs in need including puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs, senior dogs, bonded pairs, dogs recovering from surgery, small dogs, large dogs, etc.

Fostering is easy! We provide food and all medical for our dogs, and look to our fosters to open their homes and provide the daily basic care.

We provide: food, all vet care, training, necessary items (toys, crates, bowls, etc.), and the responsibility of finding that dog his/her forever home.

Fosters responsibility:

  • Daily care and affection for your foster dog (food/water, exercise, socialization, and basic training)
  • Careful handling of dogs while in your care (including ALWAYS having them on-leash when outside your home, wearing our rescues identification tag, and not exposing them to potential illness or injury)
  • Transportation to adoption events at least 2x per month, or willingness to communicate in advance so we can arrange transportation

We hold weekly adoption events, and showcase our adoptable dogs on 50+ websites on a regular basis so that our dogs have maximum exposure. We are ALWAYS in need of foster homes, year round. We are incredibly indebted to our fosters for providing safe, loving, temporary homes to our dogs that help get them out of the shelter and prepare them for adoption.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the Foster application and email to

We have many needs for volunteers, and whatever your skillset and your passion is, we can find a spot for you!


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