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Stellas/Hollis Story

In 2009 holli was at a turning point in her life . After suffering a tragic miscarriage following a violent car accident in 2008, she knew she wanted something more out of her life . Although it looked like she had it all ,A successful business she built herself staffed with 6 employees, a beautiful daughter she raised as a single mom. A 6 figure income and all the material things you could ask for, The aftermath of the car accident changed her. What she once found important now had little meaning. While driving to a doctors appt Oct of 2009 she had no idea her life would be changed forever once again. There she was this skinny, lost, flea covered stray dog wandering in and out of traffic in Santa Ana Ca . Holli quickly pulled over and tried to catch this crazy little dog. It took nearly an hour but she finally succeeded and off the went .

She named her Stella .

Holli knew she couldn’t keep her as she already had two dogs and her life at this moment was in disarray. Once she knew no one was looking for Stella she began searching for a rescue group to take her. She sent pictures and video and offered a generous donation. A german shepherd rescue had agreed to take her if she would foster her until adopted, knowing this wouldn’t be easy because she had a female dog who wasn’t too friendly with other dogs she still agreed. The night before she was to attend her first adoption event Stella had a seizure, which wasn’t her last. When Holli told the rescue about this they said she was Un-adoptable and they could no longer help. This not only confused Holli it disgusted her. How can a rescue group say a dog doesn’t deserve a home? Isn’t this what rescue is all about? Now Holli was determined to help Stella get better. Over the coarse of 9 months and tens of thousands of dollars she took Stella to specialists up and down the coast even to other states trying to find a solution for her seizures . She wasn’t satisfied with the diagnosis of epilepsy. Stellas seizures were different than what she read online . Sadly no one could cure her of what was happening to her. Stella was on so much medication her quality of life was diminishing. The medication wasn’t helping her it was killing her but she also couldn’t live without it.

The day came when holli knew Stella didn’t deserve to suffer any longer, she packed a lunch along w Stella’s favorite toy a tennis ball and off they went to her favorite place “dog beach ” they spent the day there and Holli knew this would be the last day they spent together but made sure Stella wouldn’t sense her sadness, this would be the best day she ever knew .

Holli said goodbye to Stella that evening and says Stella looked into her eyes with a sense of gratitude and peace. It wasn’t until Holli left the hospital that she broke down . While driving home she came to realize that Stella had rescued her. For 9 months she only thought about Stella , Stella had given her a reason to get up in the am , her depression was gone . Although the pain of what Holli had gone through just a year before was still present something had changed . The search was over she knew what she was supposed to do. Stella had shown her what her passion was all along , helping the helpless . Holli received a settlement from the accident she was in and decided to use that money to try to help sick and injured animals.she started networking the “broken dogs ” on Facebook the ones no one would take . She would offer large donations to rescue groups that would take them as well as offering to pay their medical and boarding costs if needed.The only caveat with Holli was not ready or willing to walk into a shelter because she didn’t want to see what really went on behind those closed doors.The day came when she had to walk into a shelter to take a dog out that she offered to transport for a rescue group .that was the day she saw the sad reality of how many dogs didn’t even stand a chance , why ? Because their was just as many adoptable dogs facing euthanasia as rescues considered not adoptable dogs , She began taking pictures of the hard to place dogs at Hesperia shelter in California and networking them on Facebook trying to get rescue groups to take them with a nominal donation . After a few months of doing this the day came when Holli was unable to find a rescue group to take a very special dog named Chico . He was extremely dog aggressive as well as sick w kennel cough and had been hit by a car , he seemed to have a broken leg so no one wanted to even discuss him .He was a beautiful mastiff mix and a total love , his only issue he didn’t like dogs and needed medial care .No amount of money would entice anyone and sadly he was euthanized . Holli was devastated and came to the realization that if she had her own rescue no one could tell her who was worth saving .holli knew she couldn’t keep her business her 6k Morgage and give what she wanted to rescue so she gave up her company , her home her fancy car and budgeted to take a year off To focus on starting her own rescue, in honor of the dog who rescued her Stellas Hope was born and , she never looked back.