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“We adopted our dog, Cooper, from Stellas hope in 2012. He is the best dog ever! Stellas Hope is an   amazing rescue. They rescue the dogs that others wont take (pregnant, sick, skin conditions, etc.) and give them a new chance. They are very selective about their fosters and adopters because they genuinely care about the dogs. They screen the adopters and even do home checks and meet and greets with other people/animals in the house to make sure they all get along. Thanks to generous donations this resuce has helped so many wonderful dogs and I could never thank them enough for rehabilitating my Cooper Boy!”

-Corinne Skutley



“We had a great experience adopting our puppy from Stellas Hope. They care a great deal about the dogs they’ve rescued and the people who adopt them. It all went very smoothly!”

-Diana Zakis



“I adopted my Catahoula Dog from Stellas hope last February. They do a very good job making sure the home is a good fit. These dogs are big, stubborn, fun beautiful and energetic. They made sure I knew what I was getting! Shiloh is all that, and a loving bag of chips! Most of all she was very well cared for and healthy when I got her! That made a huge difference”

-Rhonda Taylor